Real State Of The State Shows Ohio Falling Behind
Abysmal job growth, more taxes, historic cuts to education & communities show Kasich disconnect
February 24, 2014
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MEDINA, Ohio – Today, State Rep. John Patterson (D-Jefferson) listened to Gov. Kasich lay out his priorities and recap some past policies during his State of the State address in Medina, Ohio. Governor Kasich used the speech to highlight tax cuts enacted by the GOP that both benefitted Ohio’s top income earners and put Ohio’s middle and working class families at a disadvantage.

While Gov. Kasich touted his top-down economic policies, he failed to mention the property and sales tax increases that disproportionately hurt average Ohioans. The 4.5% sales tax hike cost Ohioans $63 million more in taxes last holiday shopping season alone. Moreover, the rollback in property taxes—a bipartisan compromise dating to the 1970’s—has also been eliminated by this administration. Not only is the governor pushing the tax burden down to the local level, he has made raising local revenue more problematic. Additionally, the governor’s quasi-private job development entity, JobsOhio, failed to live up to promises, as Ohio remains 45th in the nation for job creation. Taxpayers still have no transparency or accountability from Kasich’s fledgling, taxpayer funded “economic” enterprise.

“At a time when we should be investing in education and local infrastructure initiatives to prepare our children for tomorrow and to make ready economic expansion, Governor Kasich has pushed for tax breaks that do not assist the vast majority of Ohioans,” said Rep. Patterson. “It is simply short-sighted policy. Clearly, a long-term vision that raises the economic tide for all is what Ohioans desire and deserve.”

Kasich offered no plans to prioritize schools and local communities after his initial historic state budget cuts of $2 billion and $1 billion, respectively. Instead, the Governor seemed to gloss over the lack of investment, focusing on new “deregulation” initiatives that seem to indicate a stronger corporate presence in Ohio schools. The Kasich administration has yet to offer any steps in working to fix Ohio’s unconstitutional school funding formula.

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