Local Leaders Travel To Ohio Statehouse To Testify On Rep. Patterson's Waste Disposal Bill
Legislation seeks to clean up error in garbage collection law for state counties
December 01, 2017
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Earlier this week, Ashtabula City Manager Jim Timonere and Ashtabula County Auditor Roger Corlett provided proponent testimony during a committee hearing at the Ohio Statehouse on House Bill (HB) 323, legislation sponsored by state Rep. John Patterson (D-Jefferson) to correct an oversight from a bill passed last year. The previous legislation inadvertently overturned waste disposal collection procedures that had been in place for years. HB 323 seeks to restore the previous common practice.

“The City of Ashtabula Sanitation Department is one of few municipal rubbish collection services left in Ohio,” Timonere said. “This department is extremely important to local residents and our quality of life, and this legislation will allow us to continue to provide this service at a reasonable rate.”

According to legislation that passed last year, only townships and municipalities in charter counties can establish their own method for waste collection. HB 323 will mirror current law to include all Ohio counties.

“There are general assessments based on property value and levies authorized by the county auditor, and there are special assessments authorized by law,” said Corlett. “Common special assessments include street lighting and sewer development projects, but a limited number of regular services a taxing authority charges for, if the billing goes unpaid, can be placed on the tax list as a special assessment. This legislation would do just that.”

HB 323 is scheduled to receive its third hearing and a vote during next Tuesday’s State and Local Government Committee hearing at the Ohio Statehouse.

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