State Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) today issued a statement about his vote for House Bill 6.

“There is an unquestionable (one could say indisputable), difference between voting for a piece of legislation under the color of corruption and casting a vote for reasons of public policy. Revelations of what has recently transpired in Columbus are stunning. There are no winners as a result of corrupt behavior at any level and under any circumstances. Indeed, the fundamental tenants of good government and our Democracy are corroded by such behavior and sadly affect everyone throughout Ohio.  As for the current situation involving the Speaker of the House, Larry Householder, I have called for his resignation. And for those at a corporate level found to have participated in what appears to be serious criminal activities, they too should be held accountable for their actions and face serious consequences. The citizens of our communities place their trust in each of their officials, individuals elected to make decisions on their behalf and affecting their lives. They deserve better.

“I have never been associated with “Team Householder.” I did not support Householder when he was selected as Speaker of the House, and I have never received any money from him. I voted for the then current Speaker of the House, Ryan Smith.

“While I received two, small, legal donations from First Energy’s PAC, $350 in 2017 and $500 in 2018, both were received long before Larry Householder became the Speaker of the House; well before the co-sponsors of House Bill 6 had been elected, and well before HB 6 had been drafted and introduced for consideration in the legislature. The actions of bribery, racketeering, impropriety, and dishonesty go against every value and standard I hold for myself as well as those in public service. Because of this reprehensible situation, I immediately donated $1,000 from my campaign funds to Lake County Lifeline, Inc. HEAP fund; monies which are targeted to assist the elderly and others facing difficulty paying their utility bills. I am proud of my judgement, and I’m proud to stand against corruption, so let me tell you why I voted for HB 6 as a matter of public policy alone.

“My vote for HB 6 was an effort to prevent the adverse economic consequences to Lake County that might have occurred had this legislation failed, creating tremendous financial losses for employees and their families and crippling our communities and their ability to provide vital services.  Public school systems together with a multitude of taxing entities throughout Lake County and elsewhere would have suffered. All of this resulting from the closure of the Perry and Davis-Besse Nuclear Power plants. I simply was not going to vote against jobs that exist here in Lake County. I believed then and as I believe today that HB6 is far from perfect. I have encouraged revisiting this legislation to address many of the negatives within the bill as enacted and to be frank, support efforts to do so.

“The magnitude of the potential loss in the event of these plants being shuttered is staggering. Close to $200 million in annual salaries between the two plants – good wages paid to hard working people providing for their families. Approximately 1,500 full-time positions between the two facilities with numbers nearly doubling during outages and refueling operations. The closure of the nuke plants could decimate the continued operations of between 4000 to 5000 ancillary businesses, especially those providing direct support to these facilities with products and services. Closing the plants would result in an estimated loss of approximately $550 million dollars annually in economic benefit generated by the operation of these two plants to all of Ohio. A closure of these plants and the loss of revenues from property taxes, income taxes and sales taxes, both locally and state-wide, would have tremendously exacerbated the financial difficulties felt by so many today because of COVID-19.

“I respect the fact that there will always be differences of opinion on legislative issues including bills like HB 6. And, as with any legislation I consider, the opinions and positions of all of my constituents are important, taken seriously and weighed heavily. My role as a legislator is based on a trust shown to me by the voters. It is a privilege and honor that I take seriously and to heart. Again, I have always done what I believe to be right for those who have placed their trust in me and I pledge I will to continue to do so.”

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State Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) today issued a statement about his vote for House Bill 6.


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