COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives voted this afternoon to approve the state’s two year operating budget, Sub. HB 59.

 “All of Ohio legislators are interested in creating jobs, growing our economy and supporting our schools,” said Rep. Rogers.  “This is what the budget should be prioritizing. Unfortunately the Budget Bill that passed today was mainly along party lines. Included in this bill was a large tax cut that significantly benefits high income earners while doing very little to support most true small business owners.  Also included was a sales tax increase that disproportionately affects working families, making everyday items more expensive.  Those voting in favor of the budget rejected the Governor’s call to expand Medicaid in an effort to aid Ohioans in need and bring billions of our own hard-earned tax dollars back to our State. This budget offers no substantial restoration of critical funding for our local governments, still suffering from the drastic cuts put in place by this legislature back in 2011. Nor has State Funding of our schools been restored.  Indeed the insufficient funding formula remains unconstitutional and ultimately continues to be dependent on already high property taxes.  And to top it all off, at the eleventh hour, legislation addressing social issues was injected into the budget without any opportunity for healthy debate.  It is truly unfortunate that many of my colleagues have once again prioritized ideological purity as opposed to creating practical common sense solutions that will move our state forward.”               

 The final budget bill passed the House 53 – 44.  The legislation now heads to the Governor’s desk for his approval and signature.

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