The Ohio House of Representatives voted today on the state’s budget corrections bill, House Bill 483, by a vote of 58-32. Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) opposed the legislation, citing its failure to fix Ohio’s regressive tax policies—instituted in the state’s last budget bill—that do little to relieve the increasing tax burden falling the middle class, seniors and budget cuts to schools and communities.

“Legislators have a duty to promote sensible tax policies that help spur business growth and reduce the burden on working families,” said Rep. Rogers. “During this General Assembly, the Legislature increased the sales tax, property taxes and reduced the availability of the homestead exemption, all of which disproportionately hurt middle and low income Ohioans and seniors. In addition, the State removed substantial funding for schools and local governments, leaving communities no choice but to request tax increases to maintain vital services. We had an opportunity to fix these mistakes today, but unfortunately the ruling majority didn’t allow that to happen.”

In addition to upholding a 4.5 percent sales tax hike that cost Ohioans $63 million last holiday season alone, the bill failed to reverse a 12.5 percent property tax hike for new and renewal levies.

Many legislators fought to remove tax hikes implemented in the previous budget, but most proposals were dismissed without consideration by the GOP-controlled budget committee. House Bill 483 will now head to the governor’s desk for his expected signature.

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