Rogers' Student Safety Act Gets Attention From House Lawmakers
Asks colleagues to strengthen security requirements in new school buildings
November 05, 2014
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State Rep. John Rogers testified before the House Education Committee today, discussing his legislation intended to increase student and employee safety by requiring the inclusion of specific safety features at the design stage for inclusion during the construction of new school buildings

“This is a sensible, proactive approach for new construction and is just one facet of helping to provide a safe learning environment for our children, teachers and staff,” said Rep. Rogers. “Requiring these features to be included during the initial design is also more cost effective than retrofitting at a later time.  

House Bill 446 would require that at least two of the following safety features be included in new school design and construction:

-Surveillance video and/or entryway metal detectors. 

-Direct entrance and exit routes located within a classroom. 

-Two-way communication systems between classroom and administrative offices. 

-Real-time notification devices accessible in classrooms, such as a “panic button,” to directly alert local law enforcement agencies.

-Means of threat containment, which could include a barrier system to lock down portions of the building wherein a threat has been identified.

HB 446 has garnered bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats in the House, while other states around the nation consider similar proposals to tighten school building security standards.


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