Rogers' Bipartisan Record Sealing Bill Passes Ohio House
Legislation allows all citizens a fair shot at a second chance
October 08, 2015
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State Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) announced the passage this week of House Bill 164 (HB 164), legislation to allow non-violent ex-offenders to have their records sealed if they have complied with all court ordered sanctions.

“Our laws, to be just, must be consistent,” said Rogers. “This bill will provide an avenue through which honest, well-intentioned individuals who have learned from their past mistakes can move forward and return to being productive citizens.”

HB 164, joint sponsored by Rep. Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville), retroactively expands records sealing to individuals who lacked the ability to take advantage of provisions passed in collateral sanctions legislation during the 129th General Assembly simply by virtue of when changes in statute took effect.

The bipartisan legislation maintains the requirement that any application to seal or expunge records is ultimately left to the discretion of the court and each case must be considered individually on its own merits. 

The legislation passed the House with overwhelming bi-partisan support. HB 164 now moves to the Senate for further consideration.

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