Reps. Rogers And Perales Renew Bipartisan Push To Enhance School Safety
Ask colleagues to strengthen security requirements in new school buildings
October 06, 2015
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State Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) testified before the House Education Committee today on legislation intended to increase student and employee safety. Rogers’ legislation, House Bill 192, will require specific safety features to be included during the design stage prior to construction of any new school buildings.

“I believe this bill is a common sense and proactive approach to addressing the safety of our children, teachers and staff,” said Rogers. “Recent tragic events have prompted a lot of debate about how to best improve safety in our schools. The bill that we are putting forward is one of the few recent proposals that has broad consensus.  I am proud of the coalition of support this bill has received from Republicans and Democrats, teachers, members of law enforcement and military veterans.”

State Rep. Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek), a military veteran and civil engineer, is a joint sponsor of HB 192. 

“Based on my background as both a military civil engineer and the executive director of facilities at the University of Dayton, I believe this bill is both a practical and low-cost solution to active shooter situations,” said Perales. “Both my military and engineering peers have conveyed their support of this approach – it will save lives.”

House Bill 192 would require that at least two of the following safety features be included in new school design and construction:

-Surveillance video and/or entryway metal detectors. 

-Direct entrance and exit routes located within a classroom. 

-Two-way communication systems between classroom and administrative offices. 

-Real-time notification devices accessible in classrooms, such as a “panic button,” to directly alert local law enforcement agencies.

-Means of threat containment, which could include a barrier system to lock down portions of the building wherein a threat has been identified. 

Currently, Ohio does not require specified safety features, other than fire suppression systems, to be included in the design of school buildings. 

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