Rep. Rogers To Introduce "Paycheck Freedom Bill" For Ohio Workers
Legislation would give employees freedom to choose preferred method of payment
July 16, 2013
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COLUMBUS – State Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) announced today that he will be introducing legislation to ensure workers have the ability to receive payment via direct deposit or standard paper check, rather than a paycheck debit card if preferred. Recently, many businesses around the country have made the switch to paycheck cards in an effort to save on the expense of issuing paper checks.

“Ohioans should not be penalized when they are paid for their work,” said Rep. Rogers. “This bill will ensure that employees have the option as to how they receive and spend their hard earned dollars. I am not against compensation by paycheck card, as I realize some individuals find it easier to manage their money. Employees should have the freedom to choose how they receive their paycheck.”

Recently, there have been several lawsuits regarding the mandatory issuance of paycheck cards as a form of payment, which has brought the issue to national attention. A McDonald’s franchise in Pennsylvania is currently in the midst of a lawsuit due to a policy that requires employees be compensated with paycheck cards.

“Paycheck cards are easy to use and can be of benefit to those without checking accounts,” added Rep. Rogers. “However, the hefty fees that often accompany each purchase mean that some workers are essentially earning less than minimum wage.”

The bill has not been introduced, but Rep. Rogers is currently seeking support from fellow lawmakers. Similar legislation is being considered in Pennsylvania.

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