Rep. Rogers: Stopping Energy Standards Costs Ohio's Economy, Consumers And Environment
Ohio to become first state to move backward on energy efficiency standards

On Wednesday, State Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) voted against Senate Bill 310, legislation to suspend Ohio’s—by most accounts, successful—advanced energy standards. These standards, passed by the legislature in 2008 with wide bipartisan support, have created thousands of jobs and saved $1.03 billion for Ohio consumers and businesses.

“This legislation guts the progress made in Ohio with respect to renewable energy development and increased energy efficiency, while driving up costs for consumers,” said Rep. Rogers.  “I fear, as a result of this bill, Ohio will turn its back on innovation—not only leaving our state less competitive in the job market, but also discouraging development of advanced and clean energy alternatives. If Governor Kasich wants to continue our state’s progress and what’s good for Ohioans, he must veto SB 310.”

Projections estimate that if the standards were kept in place, Ohio consumers and businesses would enjoy over $4 billion in potential savings over the next 10 years. With the two-year freeze, however, Ohio energy rates will increase for ratepayers by $150, while rates will increase for commercial customers by $31,000. The energy standards freeze could result in a $6 billion loss of potential capital investment. 

“There are numerous businesses throughout the state that have invested significantly in energy efficiency and have experienced real cost savings and tangible benefits, which were made possible by the implementation of these standards,” Rogers continued. “Unfortunately, this bill negates that progress and ignores the concerns of a broad coalition of Ohio businesses and consumers alike, while hurting our economy today and into the future.”   

The controversial bill was widely expected to pass the House last week, but the bill was pulled from the committee schedule at the last minute. After struggling to find support from their members, the GOP pushed the bill through committee Tuesday.

The bill makes Ohio the first state to reverse Renewable Portfolio Standards by eliminating targets for advanced energy and freezing targets for renewable energy.

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