Rep. Rogers Opposes Turnpike Bill As Increased Cost To Northern Ohioans Still In Question
Rep. Rogers votes against HB 51 as bad deal for Ohio's economic future
March 01, 2013
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COLUMBUS- State Rep. John M. Rogers (D- Mentor-on-the-Lake) released the following statement upon the passage of House Bill 51. The proposal would create $1.5 billion in new debt against the turnpike.


“There is no doubt that many parts of our state are in need of infrastructure improvements and I agree with many of my colleagues that we need to invest in upgrading our infrastructure,” said Rep. Rogers. “It is makes sense for the growth of our economy, the efficiency of our travel, and the safety our citizens. However this is not the way to do it. The turnpike serves the people and commerce of Northeast Ohio.  Those individuals who travel the turnpike everyday and pay those tolls do so with the expectation that the revenue generated from those tolls will be used for reinvestment in our local communities. It is their hard earned money and they deserve a guarantee that ensures that money won’t be taken away, let alone leverage for the future, this bill doesn’t do that and that is why I did not support it.”      


Democrats offered amendments in Finance Committee and on the floor of the House that would have guaranteed  turnpike revenue stayed in Northern Ohio and that tolls would be frozen for EZ Pass users, and that all other rates be capped at inflation.  All amendments were voted down. 

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