Rep. Rogers Announces State Funding To Protect Lake County Farmland
Says easement approval can promote growth in a responsible way
August 17, 2015
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State Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) today announced the approval of $87,632 in state funds to protect and preserve farmland in Lake County. Late this afternoon, the Controlling Board – the state’s spending oversight panel – signed off on a purchase agreement for agricultural easement between the state, the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District and local landowners. The purchase agreement will prevent any non-farm use or development of over 126 acres of land on Emerson Road in Madison for generations to come.

“This act of conservation will help preserve the natural beauty what makes our community so important and attractive to residents and visitors,” said Rep. Rogers. “Easements like this can be used strategically to promote growth and development in a responsible way.”

An agricultural easement is a voluntary legal agreement between the Ohio Department of Agriculture, a local community and local landowner that keeps farmland privately owned and on the state tax rolls, while allowing the land to be used for agricultural purposes but restricting non-farm development. The easement is passed down with the title to the land, prohibiting future owners or family members from developing the land for non-farm use.

In 2014, 114 farms applied for easements and 51 were selected for funding through the program, which was approved and renewed by Ohio voters in 2008 as part of the Clean Ohio Fund.

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