Terrorists, Guns And The "War On Women" At The Statehouse
Tuesday was political "Red-meat Day" in Columbus for conservatives, says Boccieri
November 18, 2015
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The General Assembly voted yesterday on controversial measures that ranged from the Syrian Refugee crisis to the contentious defunding of Planned Parenthood: HCR 31 urged President Obama to halt the settlement of Syrian refugees in Ohio and the U.S. at large; HB 294 banned state and federal funds from being used for Planned Parenthood’s various healthcare services; and HB 48 expanded concealed carry laws to universities, day-care centers, airports, aircraft, certain government facilities, police stations and school safety zones.

Below are comments from Rep. John Boccieri (D-Poland) on yesterday’s legislative activity:


“HCR 31 doesn't call for a moratorium, nor a pause, on incoming refugees to evaluate our security measures in place to screen refugees. It calls for a full-on halt to all refugees from Syria,” Boccieri said. “The resolution is more about politics than it is about principles or safety, and it is contrary to the values I fought to defend for our nation. We are a beacon to the world, not for our military strength or economic standing, but because of our principles.”

The Vindicator published an article earlier this week that cited Rep. Boccieri’s rejection of the religious discrimination being promoted by some Republicans nationwide who have called for U.S. to allow only non-Muslim refugees into the country.

Concealed Carry Bill

On House Bill 48, legislation to expand concealed carry permits in a number of locations, Rep. Boccieri expressed his concern by stating, “I've been highly trained in the U.S. military and own weapons myself. As a pilot, the last thing I want is a person carrying a gun on an airplane unless that person is a Federal Air Marshal. Any actual discharge could be catastrophic to safely operating an aircraft. Further, I think this measure will be challenged in the courts because the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ultimately has the authority over security at our nation’s airports.”

Defunding Planned Parenthood

“This defunding measure takes resources away from women who are seeking access to breast cancer screenings, cervical cancer screenings and infertility tests,” Boccieri noted. “HB 294 is a politically-motivated measure that will harm my constituents, and I simply cannot support it.”

All aforementioned bills passed the House yesterday afternoon, with votes cast largely along party lines.

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