Boccieri Heralds Plan In State Budget To Match Students With Employers
Says investing in transition from education to employment long overdue
January 26, 2017
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State Rep. John Boccieri (D-Poland) today announced his support for a potential plan in the upcoming biennial state budget to forge connections between businesses and schools to help high school students gain real work experience. The initiative would not only ensure more students are able to explore potential career paths, but would also help local communities meet their specific job needs.  

“I believe local communities are strengthened when they are connected to our local industry, educators, school curriculums and, most importantly, talented students,” said Boccieri. 

Earlier this week, Gov. John Kasich hinted that his state budget proposal will clarify how schools can use flex credits in an effort to encourage them to create programs that offer school credit to students while they work in a professional environment outside the classroom. 

Boccieri noted that elected leaders have discussed similar efforts for years without concrete action, but that this dedicated intent to match the local economy with workers is a promising first step. 

“Finally, we can give our students the stepping stones and building blocks they need to jumpstart their futures while simultaneously boosting our local workforce and economies,” said Boccieri. “I want to thank the governor for bringing this forward alongside a promise to increase spending on education, despite his warnings that this year’s budget will be tight.” 

The governor’s state budget proposal is expected to be unveiled early next week. 

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