COLUMBUS—State Representative John Becker (R-Union Township, Clermont County) today announced that Clermont Senior Services received his September monthly donation of $313.73.

“With a 97-year-old mother and a 95-year-old mother-in-law, I am well aware of the challenges faced by the elderly and their families,” Becker said. “Clermont Senior Services has been doing great things for our community and they are one of the finest organizations in Ohio,” Becker continued.

Representative Becker has been donating the net value of his pay increase to community organizations and has pledged to do so through at least the end of this year. His year-to-date donations have been as follows:

  • January - Cincinnati Nature Center in Clermont County

  • February - Ohio Concerns of Police Survivors (Ohio C.O.P.S.)

  • March - Goshen Township Bicentennial Committee in Clermont County

  • April - Days of Wonder school in Batavia

  • May - Promont museum in the City of Milford

  • June - Adams County Humane Society and the Adams County Fair

  • July - People Working Cooperatively (PWC) project house in Owensville

  • August - Scioto County Right to Life

  • September - Clermont Senior Services

These donations are from his personal bank account. No public funds or campaign funds are being used for this purpose.

The legislative pay increase was included in last year’s 132-Senate Bill 296. The original intent of that legislation was to provide health benefits to survivors of safety officers. Becker voted NO on the controversial pay increase.

“The generous pay increase that we gave ourselves was the result of legislators attaching the provision to a bill intended for the widows and orphans of deceased police and firefighters who died in the line of duty. Additionally, the General Assembly made it an emergency measure so that our pay raise would go into effect on January 1, 2019,” said Representative Becker.

At every opportunity, Representative Becker has voted NO to pay increases for the Ohio General Assembly. He believes that such changes to legislators’ pay increases should be done with statistical analysis in an open and transparent manner.

Becker described his thoughts on a better process: “Once the research is complete, draft a bill based on the findings. Hold multiple public hearings, work it through the committee process, and have a robust floor debate before the vote. If the legislation receives favorable consideration from the House, Senate, and Governor, the people have the option for a referendum and/or to express their approval or disapproval on election day.”

Last year, Rep. Becker authored 132-House Bill 649, known as the Average Wage Fully Uniform Law (AWFUL). It would have tied General Assembly salaries to Ohio’s median household income and tied salaries to the Consumer Price Index. That would have meant an approximate $6,600 pay cut for legislators during calendar year 2019.

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