State Representative John Becker (R-Union Township) sponsored House Joint Resolution 8. The resolution would lead to a constitutional amendment to expand term limits in Ohio.

A constitutional amendment requires a vote of the people. According to the resolution, all elected offices and termed appointed boards and commissions shall be 12 years with the following exceptions:

Offices remaining at eight years include:
• Governor
• Lt. Governor
• Auditor
• Treasurer
• Secretary of State
• Attorney General
• Speaker of the House
• Senate President

Examples of offices newly subjected to the 12-year term include:

• All state and local judicial offices
• All county and township offices
• All municipal offices except where local law specifies fewer than 12 years
• State, county (education service centers), and local school boards
• All appointed and termed public boards and commissions

Regarding the resolution, Rep. Becker said the following:

“The mechanics of implementation matches current law. For example, the 12-year limit would apply beginning with the next election for said office. If a mayor has been in office 20 years, he would be eligible for 12 more and then must run for a different office or sit out four years.

“This constitutional amendment does not make any changes to federal offices or party offices such as state committee and county precinct committee. Additionally, this constitutional amendment would not change locally determined term limits of less than 12 years. Twelve is a maximum; not a minimum.

“Term limits are generally popular with the people, but not so popular with elected officials, and I believe there are good arguments on both sides of the debate.”

House Joint Resolution 8 will be assigned to a House committee in the near future.

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