The first priority of this General Assembly, and of this chamber, has been jobs. Jobs are what bring people into the state, allow for Ohioans to provide for their families, and improve the economy. That is why it’s important that here in the House, we pass legislation that makes Ohio more business-friendly.

House Bill 402 was introduced by Representatives Mike Duffey and Al Landis. A companion bill to House Bill 402 was also introduced in the Senate, known as Senate Bill 263. These pieces of legislation are the same; they address the issue of tax overpayment refunds. Senate Bill 263, which ultimately became the bill signed into law, requires the tax commissioner to notify taxpayers of tax or fee overpayments and also authorizes the tax commissioner to either apply the overpayment to future tax liabilities or issue a refund, even without a request from the taxpayer. 

The bill was introduced in response to an investigation by the Ohio Inspector General, which uncovered that tax overpayments could be passed along to other taxpayers and without notification. Additionally, the investigation found that some requested payments were listed as “pending” but were never paid.

It’s because of investigations such as these that I am fully supportive of this legislation. The Ohio House of Representatives has committed to improving the economy and job landscape. This does not only mean looking for opportunities to provide jobs and linking businesses with the right applicants, but it’s also about cutting red tape and removing unnecessary regulations that exist in the state and that hinder business growth.

Ensuring that businesses know that they have overpaid their taxes is a common sense initiative that makes Ohio more business-friendly, honest and fair. The money that has been overpaid should be given back to businesses to boost the economy. 

Senate Bill 263 was signed into law on June 17th and becomes effective September 17th. I’m glad to see the support of the Senate, House and Governor to ensure that Ohio businesses are protected and that they are given every opportunity to grow and hire more Ohio workers—which is a win for Ohio’s economy and workforce.

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