Over the last few years, the Ohio legislature has been focused on jobs and the economy, thus allowing for Ohio to improve its unemployment numbers and to encourage business growth. We are in a better spot than we were four years ago, and we are getting better day by day.

Recently, however, the issue of opioid drug abuse has surfaced as a serious issue in Ohio. The problem is affecting communities all over the state, both rural and urban. It’s an issue that the legislature has been monitoring closely and we are working to provide common sense initiatives that will help to curtail overdose deaths and aide in addiction recovery.  As a state, we must join together to solve this drug epidemic. We need to raise awareness and discuss the severe consequences of abusing opioids with our families and children.

This summer, as was done last summer, the Ohio House of Representatives put together summer study committees to travel the state to research and talk about issues that are important to you. The Law Enforcement Perspectives on the Drug Epidemic & Its Impact on Families Study Committee focused on the drug problem in Ohio, specifically how it pertains to law enforcement officials. They are on the front lines and see how these drugs are devastating communities. I look forward to seeing the report that is issued following the hearings. Last year’s committee led to the introduction of 13 bills that focus on this topic—and I believe those that passed will help save lives.

Statistics regarding the prescription drug abuse and overdose epidemic are quite alarming. According to the Ohio Department of Health, since 2007, there have been more deaths from drug overdose than from car crashes. Additionally, nearly five Ohioans die each day because of a drug-related overdose. One program, among the many, that Ohio has initiated, is the Prescription for Prevention Campaign, which develops the right tools to help educate specific communities about the drug problem.

I hope constituents in my district will join me in continuing to learn and raise awareness about opioids. As we make Ohio stronger economically, we must also strive to make our communities healthier and more informed about the dangers of Ohio’s drug epidemic.

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