One of the main initiatives regarding education that our House Majority caucus wanted to focus on this General Assembly was charter school governance. While our state is home to many high-performing charter schools that offer a great alternative education, the system was in dire need of an overhaul. House Bill 2 is a chance to make some sweeping changes to improve these institutions.

H.B. 2, sponsored by Representatives Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) and Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson), includes three dozen changes that would improve oversight in these schools and add more accountability to both the schools and sponsors alike. It increases transparency, something I am always passionate about. This bill provides the charter school system with the first new comprehensive approach in over a decade.

More than seven percent of Ohio public school students attend charter schools and the public charters spend approximately a billion dollars per year. The students enrolled there deserve a high quality education, and the taxpayers deserve the piece of mind knowing that their hard-earned tax dollars are being put to good use.

H.B. 2 places new requirements on the sponsors of the schools that will keep their sources of funding more transparent and accountable. As these schools operate independently of the local school districts, we must do our part to make sure that these standards are being met. I’m happy to see the Ohio House taking steps to make these changes.

As your state representative, I will always make it my priority to ensure that our students are receiving the best education they possibly can. I am also passionate about increasing transparency in our state government. I want the people of Ohio to know where their money is going so that we may all be better educated and informed. Over the next two years, I hope to see more legislation like H.B. 2 which increases this transparency.

As with all state government related issues, I would like to work with my constituents to ensure that I am doing the best job I can while representing you. I encourage you to contact my office and help us to know your feelings on these important topics.

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