Recently the Ohio House passed legislation that will help protect our children by educating them about sexual abuse. It is a hard conversation, an uncomfortable conversation, but one that many overlook the importance of.

The unfortunate reality in our country is that one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted before age 18. It is an unbearable statistic that we cannot just stand idly by, as parents and educators, and ignore the consequences that these actions can have on our children for the rest of their lives.

House Bill 85 provides a pathway for schools, grades K-12, to educate students about the dangers of sexual abuse and sexual violence prevention in an age appropriate manner. The curriculum teaches students to recognize signs of sexual abuse and to tell a trusted adult about anything that may occur.

The legislation does not mandate specific curriculum, but rather gives school districts guidelines to determine the best course of education to discuss with their students. Educators can utilize whatever suggested curriculum they feel is the best way of discussing the topic with their students.

Unfortunately, this devastating act that too many of our children are forced to live with the rest of their lives is one that they often do not say anything about. Whether it comes down to the child not understanding what is happening to them, or the child thinking that nobody will believe them, or even worse, that their abuser will hurt them if they say anything – it is not okay.

While this conversation is undoubtedly best had between a parent and child at home, too many hold tightly to the belief that this “could never happen to my child.” However, this can happen to anyone and our children must know that the abuse is unacceptable.

I was proud to be a co-sponsor for this legislation, and I hope that House Bill 85 will eventually become law to protect our youngest, most innocent generation. They deserve to be armed with the information that can save their lives.

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