Boccieri Applauds Insurers For Stepping Up To Offer Coverage
11,000 Ohioans would have lost health insurance after marketplace withdrawal

As the highest-ranking Democrat on the Ohio House Insurance Committee, state Rep. John Boccieri (D-Poland) today applauded Gov. John Kasich and five private insurance companies for taking action to protect vulnerable Ohioans in need of health care. Buckeye Health Plan, CareSource, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Molina Health Care of Ohio and Paramount Health Care all recently announced plans to offer coverage next year in counties that otherwise would have been left without a health insurance marketplace. 

“Gov. Kasich has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in pushing back on Washington and some members of his own party to protect Medicaid and save critical elements of the Affordable Care Act,” Boccieri said. “It is refreshing to see people win without playing politics, and I applaud the governor for this success and any other time he makes decisions that are good for all of Ohio.” 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) allowed consumers in Ohio who did not have employer-provided health care coverage to shop for better rates and affordable care through the federal health insurance exchange. That access to health care was jeopardized by repeated efforts to repeal the ACA, congressional votes to starve market subsidies and threats by President Trump to allow the system to fail. With those dark clouds on the horizon, Anthem and Premier Health Care reported they would pull out of Ohio's exchanges given the unprecedented uncertainty from Washington.  

However, state leaders worked to ensure that the 11,000 Ohioans in 19 of the 20 impacted counties who purchase a plan through the federal health insurance exchange will continue to have coverage in 2018. Insurers have until September of this year to commit to signing a contract with the federal government.

The Ohio House Insurance committee is poised to play a role in finding state-based solutions should the federal ACA repeal effort succeed in Washington. Majority Republicans have long said they want states to administer health care versus the federal government. 

“I’ve been clear in my belief that the state alone doesn’t have the resources to fix Ohio’s nor the country’s health care woes. Standardization across the country is needed and that is what the ACA attempted to do,” Boccieri added. 

The House is expected to return from the summer recess in mid-September. 

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