COLUMBUS—State Representatives Jim Hughes (R-Upper Arlington) and Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) recently introduced legislation that would create distracted driving as an enhanced penalty to be applied to existing moving violations. 
Inspired from previous efforts to bring attention to the dangers of distracted driving, Rep. Hughes worked in coordination with the Ohio Department of Public Safety to draft legislation to create this enhanced penalty, which would not add points to an individual’s driver’s license and would not go on their driving record. The person would be required to pay a $100 fine for each offense.
“The enhanced penalty for distracted driving as proposed in House Bill 95 will help provide a deterrent to this reckless and dangerous activity,” said Rep. Hughes. “Ultimately, the goal is to save lives by making our roadways safer.”
The bill also specifies that an officer can only cite someone for “distracted driving” if they witness the offense during the commission of an already existing moving violation.
During the 130th General Assembly, Rep. Hughes, then in the Senate, championed legislation to designate September as “Safe Driving Awareness” month to bring attention to the dangers of driving on the road distracted.

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