State Representatives Jim Butler (R-Oakwood) and Rick Perales (R–Beavercreek) have introduced House Bill 409, which will permit courts of common pleas and municipal courts in jurisdictions with smaller populations or limited resources to contract with a court in a larger jurisdiction to divert certain criminal defendants to participate in a veterans treatment court. 

Veterans treatment courts currently operate in several counties around Ohio, and they do tremendously useful work to assist veterans in getting desperately needed treatment while still imposing strict guidelines as punishment for their criminal transgressions.  However, many rural and sparsely populated counties currently lack the capacity to run such programs independently.  Permitting courts to contract with one another to serve our veterans better will benefit communities throughout our state, and it will truly help the men and women who have served and defended their country.

“Some counties in Ohio, including right here in Montgomery County, currently operate veterans treatment court programs, and I have seen firsthand how beneficial and successful those programs can be, for everyone involved,” said Rep. Butler.  “House Bill 409 will allow courts and counties around the state that might not have the resources or capacity, or maybe only have one or two cases involving a veteran each year, to create partnerships with larger counties so those veterans can get the help they need.  Veterans treatment court programs are voluntary, and they have many strict parameters.  Veterans who find themselves in these situations are sometimes suffering from serious mental or physical health problems stemming from their sacrificial service.  I think we owe it to these men and women to help them however we can, and this bill takes another step in that direction.”

“This bill is about taking care of our vets,” said Rep. Perales.  “We’ve got to make sure these women and men get the help they need.  It’s hard.  Adjusting back to life as a civilian is hard.  These folks need a system that is going to take their situation into consideration and get them back on their feet.  It’s time to let local governments do this for our Veterans.”

House Bill 409 will be referred to a standing committee of the Ohio House of Representatives for consideration in the near future.

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