State Representative Jim Butler (R-Oakwood) is pleased to introduce House Bill 238, which provides for transparency in the process by which the State of Ohio awards contracts to private attorneys and law firms. House Bill 238 will be known as the TiPAC Act (Transparency in Private Attorney Contracts).

“The aim of this legislation is to provide more transparency to the people of Ohio so they can understand how and why the state is spending money on legal matters,” said Representative Butler. “House Bill 238 ensures that when the Attorney General hires private attorneys, the reasons and results are transparent. Further, the bill recognizes that when the Attorney General needs to hire private attorneys, Ohio law firms have the capability and expertise to handle most legal matters. Only in very rare circumstances should our tax dollars go to private attorneys outside our state.”

House Bill 238 will be assigned to a standing committee in the House of Representatives in the near future. The full text of House Bill 238 is available online at the following link:

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