State Representative Jim Butler (R-Oakwood) has announced the introduction of legislation that will require the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to provide employers with the simple equation it uses to establish their workers’ compensation premium rates.

Specifically, the legislation will require the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to provide employers with the clearly outlined algebraic equation detailing how premium rates for the upcoming policy year were set. All variables in this equation will be clearly defined and provided to employers. This will not only provide transparency, it will also allow employers to proactively focus on the variables that are under their control and ultimately manage their costs.

“We need to inject some clarity into this process,” said Representative Butler. “After many conversations with business owners in the Dayton region, it quickly became evident that legislation on this topic was necessary. There is no logical reason for the formulas used by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to be such a well-guarded secret. It is not details or complexity that business owners want; we just want BWC to ‘show their work’, like we ask math students to do. This is especially important in light of allegations of overcharging by BWC during the last decade. Allowing employers to have a clear understanding of how these premium rates are calculated will have a positive impact for the businesses that sustain our community.”

Representative Butler is jointly sponsoring this legislation with Representative Anthony DeVitis (R-Green), who is an owner of three small businesses in northeast Ohio.

This legislation has been assigned a bill number, and will be known as House Bill 143. It will be assigned to a House committee in the near future.

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