Columbus - 

State Representative Jim Butler (R – Oakwood) has introduced House Bill 508, which will  give prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officials an additional tool to use in Ohio’s war on drugs.  Simply put, this bill will significantly increase criminal penalties for drugs dealers.

Under House Bill 508, if a drug dealer sells an illegal controlled substance to a person under the age of 18, and the use of that controlled substance leads to an overdose resulting in that person’s death, the charge against the drug dealer may be increased from involuntary manslaughter (which carries a maximum penalty of 11 years in prison) to aggravated murder (which, for the offenses covered by this bill, will carry a maximum penalty of life without parole).  In the case that a person over the age of 18 overdoses and dies, the offending drug dealer can be charged with murder (which carries a penalty of 15 to years to life). 

“This General Assembly has already done tremendous work to combat the perils of drug addiction and to further educate the public of the dangers of drug use,” said Representative Butler.  “House Bill 508 is meant to send a clear message to that heartless, criminal class who wantonly deal drugs and death.  These drug dealers willingly sacrifice the lives of our children for their own monetary gain. They are a ruthless cancer afflicting our society and harsher penalties are needed.”

House Bill 508 will be referred to a standing committee of the Ohio House of Representatives in the near future.  

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