State Representative Jim Butler (R – Oakwood) today commended a new provision inserted into the state operating budget bill, House Bill 64.  The provision requires insurers offering health benefit plans through an exchange to make available a list of the top twenty percent most-common health care services covered under the plan and, for each service, the expected out-of-pocket costs for those services. 

When much of the focus on the cost to consumers for an insurance plan typically focuses on the monthly premium cost, this provision will shed much needed light on the total costs to consumers shopping for plans offered on Health Care Exchanges.  Many premiums for health insurance might be very low, but the cost sharing component of those plans through deductibles and co-payments might be very high.  Arming consumers shopping on an Exchange with this information will help foster more competition among plans to provide the lowest actual prices.

“Any time we can pass legislation that will enable consumers to have access to valuable information that will assist them in making important decisions regarding their well-being, in this case, in terms of personal finances and health care, we are doing something right,” said Representative Butler.  “If consumers know, roughly, what they can expect to pay for the most common healthcare services, and then are able to comparison shop among the insurers offering plans on the exchange, they will be able to spend their money in a manner that best suits their unique needs.”

The provision also specifies that any insurers that do not provide this information will be committing unfair and deceptive practices in the business of insurance, which could subject insurers to penalties if they fail to comply. 

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