State Representative Jim Butler (R–Oakwood) announced today a policy initiative in the biennial operating budget bill, House Bill 64, which will incentivize and encourage employment of veterans.  Rep. Butler authored the amendment in the House, and the provision remained intact throughout the budget process.  House Bill 64 was signed by Governor John Kasich on Tuesday, June 30th.

Specifically, the amendment requires the Director of Administrative Services and the Director of Transportation to establish and maintain the Veteran-Friendly Business Procurement Program.  This program takes the opposite approach to most programs incentivizing business ownership by veterans and instead, focuses on how many veterans are employed by the business. 

“Many government veterans programs focus on whether or not the owner of a business is a veteran rather than focusing on how many veterans are hired by a business,” said Representative Butler.  “This provision of House Bill 64 will incentivize the hiring of veterans instead of simply giving a preference to a business based on its ownership.  Veterans are some of the hardest working, most highly trained and disciplined people in our society.  We need to do everything in our power to give back to those who have already given so much to our country.”

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