Reps. Rezabek And Greenspan Introduce House Bill 276
House Bill 276 provides needed protection to utility workers on the job

COLUMBUS—State Representatives Jeff Rezabek (R-Clayton) and Dave Greenspan (R-Westlake) today announced the introduction of House Bill 276, which would provide much needed protection for utility workers while performing their jobs. This legislation was brought to the attention of both Reps. Rezabek and Greenspan by multiple utility companies after they reported an increase in incidents where their workers were threatened while trying to perform their jobs.

“It is important that we protect our utility workers when they are in the course of their duty,” said Rep. Rezabek. “Often times, they are performing vital services, such as in the aftermath of a natural disaster, and this piece of legislation offers protection for them while they are on the job.”

“There have been repeated incidences of disturbing attacks on those who serve our communities,” said Rep. Greenspan. “This bill sends a strong message to those who seek to deliberately harm the men and women who simply are doing their job to make sure that we keep our lights on.”

The Utility Worker Protection Act will expand the offense of aggravated menacing to prohibit threatening a utility worker with intent to obstruct the operation of a utility. The individual committing this offense would have to know or have reasonable cause to know that the victim is a utility worker. The bill is currently awaiting referral to an appropriate House Committee.      

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