COLUMBUS—State Representative Jamie Callender (R-Concord) today received the Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition Golden Apple Award during Ohio Online Learning Day 2019.

Ohio Online Learning Day 2019 brought in nearly 200 students, parents, family members, teachers and administrators from almost all of Ohio’s public online schools to Columbus on Tuesday. Several traveled from out of town to be a part of the greater conversation of how eSchools are positively affecting Ohio’s youth.

Each year, Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition selects one person to receive the Golden Apple Award, to recognize his or her dedication and support for eSchools. Callender was selected as this year’s award recipient.

“I am humbled to be recognized by a group that does so much for the children of Ohio, and will continue to fight for each and every Ohio child to have access to an appropriate and quality education,” said Callender.

During Callender’s award acceptance speech, he thanked the Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition for recognizing him and giving him a shout-out. But he felt he wasn’t the only one in the room deserving a shout-out so he encouraged everyone in the room to shout out the name of someone they know who is benefitting from eSchools. The Statehouse Atrium echoed with the shouting of names.

Callender has been a long-time advocate for eSchools and school choice initiatives across Ohio.

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