Representative James M. Hoops - House District 81

09.23.19 - State Representative Jim Hoops Announces #gotyourback Campaign


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) announced today the launch of the #gotyourback campaign, a new campaign to address farmers’ mental well-being launched by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.


04.24.19 - State Representative Hoops Announces Small Grains Program For NW Ohio Farmers


COLUMBUS— State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) today announced that growers of small grains in the Lake Erie Western Basin will be the target of a new state assistance program by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODAg).


12.06.18 - State Rep. Hoops Announces Passage Of Bill Boosting Small Businesses With Sales Tax Remittance Change


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) applauded the passage of legislation by the Ohio House of Representatives that would change the manner in which some small vendors remit sales taxes, as well as exempt feminine hygiene products from sales and use taxes. House Bill 545 was sponsored by Rep. Steve Arndt (R-Port Clinton).


12.06.18 - State Rep. Hoops Applauds Passage Of Bill Strengthening Transparency In Ohio's Processing System For Sexual Assault Examination Kits


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) today announced passage of legislation by the Ohio House of Representatives that would require Ohio’s Attorney General to create, operate and maintain a statewide tracking system for the processing of sexual assault examination kits. House Bill 719, sponsored by Rep. Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville), ensures that if an Ohioan suffers such an assault, he or she can utilize online tools to follow their personal examination kit, helping them gain peace of mind and closure during a traumatic time.



08.20.18 - Guest Column From State Representative Jim Hoops: Bills Seek To Better Serve Ohio's Schoolchildren And Education System


As the sunny months of summer near their end, children all over the state are preparing to return to cooler days filled with education and learning. With this in mind, we in the Ohio House have made a priority of addressing and improving a variety of aspects of our school systems, from teacher evaluations to residency confirmation.


08.01.18 - Rep. Hoops Announces Sales Tax Holiday For First Weekend Of August

Columbus - 

State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) today announced that a sales tax holiday will be held this weekend, an opportunity for parents to receive some tax relief during back-to-school shopping in preparation for the new school year which will also stimulate economic activity for Ohio’s retailers. This year’s sales tax holiday was established by the state operating budget, House Bill 49.


04.25.18 - State Rep. Hoops Announces District Winner Of 2018 Ohio House Of Representatives Student Art Exhibition


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) today announced Davina Fredrick as the 81st House District winner of the 2018 Ohio House of Representatives Student Art Exhibition.


03.22.18 - Rep. Hoops Announces Passage Of Bill Creating Protections For Victims Of Sexual Crimes


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) today announced the passage of the Victims Privacy and Protection Act by the Ohio House of Representatives, legislation sponsored by Rep. Wes Retherford (R-Hamilton). House Bill 451 excludes certain depictions of victims from being released in public records requests, removing the possibility of re-victimization in situations that are often already traumatizing.


03.22.18 - Rep. Hoops Announces Permanent Ohio Sales Tax Holiday


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) today applauded the passage of Substitute Senate Bill 226, legislation sponsored by State Senator Kevin Bacon (R-Westerville). Sub. S.B. 226 creates an annual sales tax-exemption holiday over a three-day period in the month of August. The tax holiday applies to clothing, school supplies and instructional materials.


03.01.18 - Rep. Hoops Announces House Passage Of Legislation Creating Road Improvement Fund


COLUMBUS—State Representative James Hoops (R-Napoleon) today announced the Ohio House passage of legislation jointly sponsored by Reps. Dave Greenspan (R-Westlake) and Scott Ryan (R-Granville Township). Substitute House Bill 415 seeks to create the Local Government Road Improvement Fund, to which one half of state surplus revenue each fiscal year will be allocated. This will supply funds to local governments for road improvement projects.


02.22.18 - Representative Hoops Appointed Vice Chair Of House Committee


COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) today was appointed by Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) to the Financial Institutions, Housing and Urban Development (FIHUD) Committee in the role of vice chair.


01.17.18 - Jim Hoops Sworn In As State Representative Of The 81st Ohio House District


COLUMBUS—Jim Hoops was sworn in as state representative of the 81st Ohio House District after the House Republican Caucus unanimously voted to appoint him to fill the vacant seat during today’s House session.