Rep. Cera To Serve On Steering Committee Of CoalBlue Project
Project encourages use of coal as integral energy source
October 09, 2013
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COLUMBUS- State Representative Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) is pleased to announce that he has been chosen to serve on the Steering Committee of the CoalBlue Project. The CoalBlue Project is a coalition of elected officials promoting the essential role of coal in America’s energy future. The CoalBlue Project will focus on identifying, organizing, educating and mobilizing Americans in support of sustainable coal as part of a sensible “all of the above” energy strategy.

According to Rep. Cera, Democratic officeholders from energy producing states across the nation are in agreement that coal must be a sustainable energy resource for the future. 

“Coal is a sustainable fuel for the 21st Century and we must work to use it to promote economic growth and to provide greater energy security,” said Rep. Cera.  “Sustainable coal is vital to America’s future and its standing in the world.”

The CoalBlue Project is an essential voice in relationship to the nation’s energy policy. The project seeks to promote the affordable and reliable electricity generated by coal. Coal produced electricity has powered America to greatness by keeping businesses operational and by providing good paying jobs for millions of hard working men and women.

Rep. Cera went on to say that it is important to remember that coal has met every environmental challenge it has faced, however proposed new environmental regulation are again challenging the coal industry.  Rep. Cera has signed on to a letter from the Coal Blue Project to President Obama explaining that more time is needed to allow for development of carbon mitigating technologies. The letter also asks for a more balanced approach to any new regulations, and it requests that any policy involving so called “clean energy” should not make traditional energy more expensive in order to make the higher-cost alternative energy market competitive.

Cera has a long legislative history of supporting coal and new technologies to increase its use. Rep. Cera sponsored the law that created the Ohio Coal Development Office. Currently, he again serves on the Coal Technical Advisory Committee which approves funding for projects to support and enhance the use of Ohio coal. 

“I am proud to continue that effort and pleased to have been asked to join the CoalBlue Steering Committee,” Cera added. “Members of the CoalBlue Project are committed to harnessing American ingenuity and spirit to address the challenges that lie ahead for coal.”


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