Rep. Cera Recognized For Outstanding Work As Education Advocate
Lawmaker honored with OESCA Legislative Leadership Award
November 24, 2015
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State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) was recently recognized as an outstanding education advocate by the Ohio Education Service Center Association, who awarded him the Legislative Leadership Award. The Bellaire lawmaker was nominated by the Jefferson County Educational Service Center (JCESC) for his strong support of public education and recent work on the state biennial budget.

“Being nominated by the Jefferson County Educational Service Center is an honor. The center does a fine job in working with school districts and other governmental entities. They also have a great relationship with those who the center serves,” said Cera. “I am extremely honored to receive this award.”

Rep. Cera worked on several amendments to the state budget that will bolster educational resources in Eastern Ohio. The first amendment allows Educational Service Centers (ECS) to serve as fiscal agents so they can create an infrastructure bank, a tool that allows members to borrow funds to improve school districts based on local needs— such as buses and technology. The second amendment provides clarification to allow the Jefferson Health Plan, which is operated through JCESC, to go outside state lines and create a national health care self-insurance program. The Jefferson Health Plan presently includes 300 member entities, more than 19,000 members and at least 60,000 lives covered under their system.

“Previously, economic development infrastructure bank authority did not extend to ESCs,” said Cera. “I believe such banks are instrumental in developing large scale projects, and ESCs have a unique capacity to promote local community development projects because of their ability to collaborate with regional councils of governments and various political subdivisions.”

Rep. Cera was among eight state legislators honored during OESCA’s 30th Annual Capital Conference Recognition Program in Columbus.

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