State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) has joined forces with Rep. Ronald V. Gerberry (D-Austintown) to introduce a bill that would return the state’s local government fund back to 2005 levels and re-establish the working partnership between state and local governments. 

“Local governments across the state use this funding for a wide range of vital services including police and fire protection, snow removal, road paving and even lighting street lights for public safety,” said Rep. Cera. “Taxpayers have a right to expect a return on some of the tax money they send to Columbus for these important local services.”

Cera cited the financial hardships experienced by local governments since the Governor slashed funding in his first operating budget. Since 2010, over $1 billion has been cut from local communities across the state. Cera also noted that he has received many phone calls and emails outlining the problems that local governments have experienced because of the huge setbacks they have incurred due to the cuts.

“We need to renew the partnership that previously existed between the state and local governments instead of continuing to shift the burden to local communities and local taxpayers,” added Cera.

House Bill 42 is a re-introduction of legislation from the last General Assembly. The legislation awaits assignment to a House Committee for consideration.


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