State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) supported a measure before the Ohio House of Representatives this week that assists military personnel with health benefits. Senate Bill 10 establishes a process for reviewing information in the system when medical assistance is administered to an individual to see if that person is eligible for federal military-related health care benefits.

Cera said the measure assists the veteran by notifying that person of their possible eligibility and by providing him or her with contact information for their county veteran’s service commission. The commission can help the veteran apply for the benefits.

“Sadly, many military men and women do not know that assistance is available to them, so they go without treatment. This legislation is a viable tool in assisting our veterans with agency outreach for benefits they are deserving of and that they need,” said Rep. Cera.

The measure goes a step further for 100 percent-physically disabled veterans by calling on county auditors to make sure the homestead exemption is correctly implemented.

Cera, a co-sponsor of the proposal, said the legislation received unanimous support in both chambers of the legislature. The bill now goes to the governor for his anticipated signature.

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