Cera Bill To Safeguard Personal Information Of Judges Heads To House Floor
HB 341 introduced following attack on Jefferson County judge in August
December 07, 2017
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State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) today announced the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee unanimously passed House Bill (HB) 341, legislation making sensitive personal identification information of judges and their families exempt from disclosure under Ohio’s public records law.

“HB 341 adds much-needed safeguards to our public records laws by sealing personal identifying information of our judges,” said Rep. Cera, who sponsored the legislation after the attempted assassination of a judge in his district. “This incident showed that we needed to take further action to ensure the safety of Ohio’s judges and their families. This is a step in the right direction.”

Under HB 341, judges would be listed as individuals whose residential and familial information would be exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Law. Ohio law already allows law enforcement officials and a number of others to qualify for this exemption.

HB 341 is currently awaiting a vote in the House chamber.

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