Cera Appointed To Serve On State Controlling Board
Lawmaker to sit on legislative panel that oversees state spending
January 20, 2017
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State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) today announced his recent appointment to the state Controlling Board, a legislative panel tasked with oversight of state spending, including capital construction projects, loans and grants. 

“I am honored to be selected to serve on the Controlling Board, which plays a key accountability role in ensuring taxpayer money is spent in a prudent manner,” said Cera, who is the longest serving member of the House Democratic Caucus. “I look forward to working across the aisle to ensure our infrastructure and vital public services are well-maintained throughout the state, including in Eastern Ohio.”

The board consist of seven members: director of the Office of Budget Management, finance chairs of both the Ohio House and Senate caucuses, and one House member from each caucus and one Senate member from each caucus, appointed by their respective leadership teams.

Controlling Board meetings are held every two weeks to vote on financial requests submitted by state agencies. Next Monday, January 23 marks the first hearing for the 132nd General Assembly.

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