On Tuesday, State Representative Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) attended the YouthBuild Academy Open House in Springfield as it celebrated the completion of a home they built from the ground up.

The YouthBuild Academy is a skills training program that assists at-risk youth develop skills, give back to the community and earn a diploma or GED. It is part of an organization called Opportunities for Individual Change (OIC), a private, non-profit organization that has worked to eliminate poverty, unemployment and illiteracy in Clark County since 1971. Some of its services include providing counseling, youth programming and alternative high school education, vocational training, referral services, job placement assistance and emergency utility services to assist low-income residents in the county.

“It is vitally important to help individuals who have moved beyond the walls and reach of public education,” Koehler said. “OIC helps young adults who still need their GED and someone to come alongside them to be mentors and advisors.  OIC does just that by helping give important workplace training and the chance to complete and earn one’s GED.  It is a pleasure to recognize these hardworking individuals who have proven themselves and are ready for a lifetime of employment.”

During Rep. Koehler’s visit, participants in the YouthBuild program celebrated the completion of a home they had built from the ground up.

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