Rep. Craig Says State To Fund OSU Business Technology Projects
Fiber optic and tech-share programs to support area businesses

State Rep. Hearcel Craig (D-Columbus) today announced over $1 million in state funds for technology projects through Ohio State University (OSU). The university is partnering with neighboring communities to improve local fiber optic networks and to provide technology for area start-ups.

$1 million in state funds will go to the Multi-Jurisdictional Fiber Project connecting Whitehall, Reynoldsburg, Gahanna and Bexley in Franklin County. OSU will lead the project to create a regional, community-based, high-capacity fiber optic network, connecting communities with over 34 miles of new fiber optic technology.

“Our communities need to get up to speed,” said Rep. Craig. “Improving our high-speed connectivity allows businesses and residents to compete in a technology intensive economy. For many, this project provides the opportunity to improve skills and grow their businesses.”

The project is part of the Ohio’s 100G network initiative, which aims to grow and expand access to high-speed internet and fiber optic technology across the state. Improved infrastructure in Franklin County will allow increased sustainability, a reduction in costs and the chance to expand to more communities in the future.

OSU received an additional $50,000 in funds for the university’s Technology Validation and Start-up Fund, which introduces technologies developed by Ohio’s colleges and universities into the marketplace through local entrepreneurs and business start-ups. The state funds released today will support the validation of unlicensed technologies before they become commercially available to start-up businesses.

“Too often, entrepreneurs and local start-ups fail to receive the support they need,” Rep. Craig said. “OSU’s Start-Up fund works to close the technology gap so that small businesses can get off the ground, grow and create quality jobs in our local communities.”

OSU will provide $50,000 to match state funds.

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