Rep. Craig Gives Invocation Honoring Charlie Company Veterans
Columbus natives fought and died for country during Korean War
September 04, 2015
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COLUMBUS— State Rep. Hearcel Craig (D-Columbus) today gave an invocation honoring the men of the Charlie Company at a program at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center in Columbus. The memorial event was held nearly 65 years after the United States Marine Corps reserve unit departed to fight in the Korean

“These honorable American heroes deserve to be recognized for their everlasting commitment to our country. The willingness of this true band of brothers to fight in defense of our nation merits our deepest respect and praise,” said Craig, an Army veteran and member of the House Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Public Safety Committee. 

Formed in 1947 after the Second World War, Charlie Company trained in Columbus at Fort Hayes, a barracks and training center established during the Civil War. The 177-man unit saw combat action during the Korean War, successfully fighting back against an ambush by the Chinese Army at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea, despite being heavily outnumbered. 

Unfortunately, that battle did produce heavy casualties. A bronze plaque was installed during today’s ceremony at Fort Hayes honoring the five Marines from Charlie Company – all Columbus natives – who were killed in the battle at the Chosin Reservoir. 

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