Regional lawmakers State Reps. Glenn W. Holmes (D-Girard) and Michael O’Brien (D-Warren) today supported legislation they believe will positively impact the Mahoning Valley Townships. The two bills, House Bills (HB) 211 and 500, passed the House, with HB 211 requiring licensure for home inspectors and HB 500 making changes to township laws in Ohio.

“Both of these bills are immensely important for our communities. House Bill 500 gives freedom to townships in line with municipalities to help them continue to be self-governing, efficient and effective,” said Holmes. “This is something our township leaders have been asking us for, and I am happy that we could provide them with the necessary tools within this bill.”

The legislation regulates the selection of a township trustee chairperson, the reporting of township inventory of supplies and the ability of trustee board officers and employees to incur debt on behalf of the township. 

“Basically this bill updates township operations,” said O’Brien. “From vacating township roads, to regulating agriculture activities through zoning, this bill is very important to Trumbull County Townships.”

HB 211 passed in the House 74-6. In addition to requiring the licensure of home inspectors, the legislation establishes criminal penalties for performing home inspections without a license, creates the Ohio Home Inspector Board to regulate licensing and prohibits a home inspection from being performed unless it is performed pursuant to a written contract between an inspector and a client. 

“Certified qualified inspectors will inspect your home purchase thereby protecting the buyer, the seller and the real estate agent,” said Holmes. “This continuity of standards will protect the process all the way around.”

“This is an important bill for the real estate community,” said O’Brien. “Now all home inspectors must be licensed and the Superintendent of Real Estate administers the new regulations, ensuring that consumers are protected.”

The bills will now move to the Senate for further consideration. 

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