COLUMBUS— State Rep. George Lang (R-West Chester) and the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation yesterday that reduces regulations and provides legislative oversight of state health pandemic orders. Senate Bill 1 was approved by a vote of 58-37.

“This legislation not only reduces burdensome government regulations, but also gives Ohioans a voice through their elected representatives,” said Lang.  “Senate Bill 1 simply restores the system of checks and balances on orders from the Ohio Department of Health.”

Under the measure, Ohio Department of Health orders issued under Ohio Revised Code 3701.13 would be in effect for up to 14 days. Any renewal or extension would be subject to review by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR). The 10-member House-Senate committee reviews proposed state agency rules from more than 100 agencies, including those proposed by the Ohio Department of Health, to ensure they do not exceed their authority.

The House also passed an amendment to another piece of legislation that would decrease the penalty for violation of public health orders.

As Chairman of the House Criminal Justice Committee, Rep. Lang spoke in favor of Senate Bill 55, which increases the penalty for the sale of drugs within 1,000 feet of a treatment facility.

“This legislation aims to increase the rate of success for everyone entering rehab and reduce the amount of relapses,” said Lang. “I thank my colleagues in the House and the Senate for supporting this important bill.”

S.B. 1 and S.B. 55 now head Senate for concurrence.

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