No consumer would ever spend money on a product without first knowing what the product does and how reliable it is. The same should be true for government. Tax dollars pay for everything government does, so therefore citizens deserve to know exactly what is happening on their behalf.

During the previous General Assembly in the Ohio legislature, policies were put in place to make government more accountable to the people who fund it—you, the taxpayers. Measures like the Common Sense Initiative, for instance, assess the impact that regulations have on small businesses, employees and consumers. An unnecessary government rule not only adversely affects the businesses forced to comply with it, but it also raises the business’s operating costs. That is then passed down, either through smaller employee wages or increased prices for customers.

While I was not a member of the House when CSI was passed, I fully support its mission to ensure regulations on Ohio’s businesses are fair, simple and consistent. Instituting performance audits on state agencies was another responsible way of keeping government honest. This policy gave the state auditor the authority to conduct audits on certain government agencies. Hopefully, there is no fraud in any of these departments, but if there is Ohioans deserve to know about it and changes obviously need to be made.

Many in Columbus are proposing new legislation that in some cases is necessary to improve the lives for all Ohioans. However, I am on a different crusade. I am actively seeking existing laws that are overly intrusive or just plain wrong. I hope to lead an effort to eliminate or change such laws. Please give me your input in this crusade.

Operating a transparent government also means letting the taxpayers know what is happening in real-time. I was happy to find out at the beginning of this year that House Finance and Appropriations Committee hearings would be streamed on the Internet so that Ohioans can see first-hand the kinds of issues, ideas and opinions are being discussed in Columbus. The hearings can be seen online at or I encourage you to take a look and share your ideas and concerns.

Ohioans deserve a government that is open and honest about what it is doing. The policies passed during the past two-plus years are a giant step towards making that happen. If Ohioans are paying for their government, then they should have a front-row seat.

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