State Rep. Fred Strahorn Votes Against Budget That Prioritizes The Rich And Leaves Middle- Class Families Behind
Partisan budget raises taxes on middle class, denies Ohioans healthcare and continues cuts to public education
June 27, 2013
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COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives voted last evening to approve the state’s two year operating budget.  The budget puts millionaires first, while raising taxes on the middle class and continuing to hurt our schools and communities. The final budget fails to address Medicaid expansion for hundreds of thousands of working poor throughout Ohio including 26,000 veterans. 

 This budget continues the tax-shifting of previous Republican budgets.  The Republican-controlled Legislature through a series of tax manipulations managed to shed tax responsibility away from wealthier Ohioans and transfer it to middle-class and working individuals.  They also raised sales tax by .25% and eliminated the property tax roll back which will result in a 12.5% rise in property taxes. 

 “Property owners are hurting and this budget takes the responsibility for paying for services that we all benefit from and further shifts it away from the most affluent onto less affluent taxpayers,” Rep. Strahorn said.  “I am tired of Republicans paying lip-service to the economy and jobs.  Our economy is driven by demand and strong consumers.  These types of policies weaken the average consumer and our economy.”


Republicans in the Legislature also misguidedly used the budget to advance their social agenda and attacked women’s health and freedom to make important medical decisions.  They made efforts to cut-off funding to Planned Parenthood which provides health services for women, particularly low-income women.  Republicans also saw fit to substitute their judgment for that of trained physicians and place themselves squarely between a woman and her doctor.

 Republican law makers failed to put Medicaid expansion back into the budget, costing Ohio

$13 billion in federal funding and 28,000 new jobs.  But more importantly 275,000 Ohioans will be denied access to primary healthcare, 26,000 of which are veterans. 

 “I am deeply saddened by the unwillingness of Republican legislators to go beyond ceremonial recognition for our veterans and instead help them in concrete ways.” said Representative Strahorn. 

 In this budget, schools remain underfunded, higher education is neglected, the trust with local governments remains broken, women’s health continues to be attacked, the average taxpayer is deceived and an opportunity to improve the health of hundreds of thousands of Ohioans is lost.  The operating budget is a moral document which reflects our priorities and values as a state and unfortunately I believe this budget falls way short of addressing the real issues and pressures that Ohioans are struggling with everyday.

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