Minority Leader Strahorn Announces $775,000 For University Of Dayton Research Institute To Advance Manufacturing Program
Release of state funding for "FASTLANE" for the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program
September 11, 2017
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House Democratic Leader Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton) today announced the release of $775,000 in state funds for the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (Ohio MEP) at the “FASTLANE” division of the University of Dayton Research Institute. The release of funding will help Ohio’s small and medium-sized manufacturers increase technological innovation, provide workforce training and improve management practices.

“Ohio MEP supports our local manufacturers and our communities” said Leader Strahorn. “Over the past few decades, manufacturing jobs have been declining, leaving middle-class families high and dry while our jobs are shipped out-of-state and oversees. FASTLANE’s continued success has helped manufacturers take a more innovative approach and train staff, encouraging new ideas and spurring local economic growth. This investment in Montgomery County will help slow the decline of our manufacturing jobs as we find ways to lift our manufacturers up and adapt to an ever-changing economy.”

FASTLANE provides key industries technology acceleration services throughout the state in partnership with other Ohio MEP regions. FASTLANE is a team of engineering and manufacturing consultants working to increase the greater Dayton region’s competitive advantage.

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