Dems To Governor: Keep Taxpayer Money From Aiding Child Detention Facilities
Urge Kasich to join other governors in refusing material support for Trump edict
June 20, 2018
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Ohio House Democratic state lawmakers today sent a letter to Governor Kasich asking him to take concrete action in the fight against the Trump administration’s recent policy decision to separate children from their families at the border.

“We implore you to join governors across the country, including two Republicans, who are refusing to provide material support for actions along the border unless and until the Trump Administration stops destroying families and harming innocent children,” said the lawmakers in the letter.

Nine other state governors are renouncing Trump’s actions by prohibiting the use of state resources to promote or facilitate Trump’s zero tolerance policy.

A copy of the letter is below:

June 20, 2018


Dear Governor Kasich:

In a number of recent interviews, you decried the Trump Administration’s family separation immigration policy. In those interviews, you appeared to be genuinely moved and disturbed by what is happening to the families that are being torn apart as a result of the despicable actions undertaken by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.


We applaud your opposition to this practice, but your emotional response simply isn’t enough. We call on you to use the power of your office to resist this ill-willed, ill-conceived, and inhumane policy. We implore you to join governors from across the country, including two Republicans, who are refusing to provide material support for actions along the border unless and until the Trump Administration stops destroying families and harming innocent children. And we implore you to do so today.

You should immediately sign an executive order prohibiting the use of state resources that in any way promotes or facilitates Trump’s zero tolerance policy either along the U.S/Mexico border or within the boundaries of the state of Ohio.

If you truly want to bring these atrocities to an end, you must act, and act NOW!




Rep. Fred Strahorn, Minority Leader

District 39


Rep. Emilia Sykes, Minority Whip

District 34


Rep. Brigid Kelly, Asst. Minority Whip

District 31


Rep. Kent Smith

District 8


Rep. Janine Boyd

District 9


Rep. Stephanie Howse

District 11


Rep. Nickie Antonio

District 13


Rep. Adam Miller

District 17


Rep. Kristin Boggs

District 18


Rep. Richard Brown

District 20


Rep. David Leland

District 22


Rep. Hearcel Craig

District 26


Rep. Catherine Ingram

District 32


Rep. Mike Ashford

District 44


Rep. Teresa Fedor

District 45


Rep. Michael Sheehy

District 46


Rep. Thomas E. West

District 49


Rep. Dan Ramos

District 56


Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan

District 58


Rep. John Boccieri

District 59


Rep. Michael O'Brien

District 64


Rep. Kathleen Clyde

District 75


Rep. John Patterson

District 99


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