Sykes: Summit County To Receive $350M In Highway Improvements This Year
Lawmaker reminds motorists to drive with caution in construction zones
Rep. Sykes with ODOT Dir. Wray and Deputy Dir. Biehl

With just over $350 million worth of state road construction planned in the Akron area this summer, State Rep. Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) today reminded drivers to slow down when traveling through construction zones. Last year, there were over 6,000 crashes in Ohio construction zones, resulting in 1,000 injuries and 30 fatalities.

“The upcoming highway construction projects, especially that realignment of the I-76 interchange, will be a major boost to our local economy and will greatly enhance the quality of life for motorists in Akron,” said Sykes. “I want to remind drivers to approach construction zones with caution in order to maintain safety for both themselves and the hard working construction professionals.”

One of the largest projects in Summit County will be the $149 million reconstruction of the Main/Broadway Interchange along I-76, considered one of the five most dangerous freeway stretches in the state.

Beginning this May and expected to be completed by October 2019, the project will re-align Main/Broadway at I-76 by removing the interchanges at Wolf Ledges Parkway and Grant Street and converting South Main Street from a one way into a two way road.

During construction, Wolf Ledges Parkway and Grant Street will both be closed for 180 days on separate occasions. Access to residences and businesses will remain open during the whole project. 

Sykes’ announcement follows news from Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Jerry Wray and Deputy Director Allen Biehl last week that the department will oversee 1,100 construction projects across the state this year. 

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