COLUMBUS—State Representative Doug Green (R-Mt. Orab) applauded the passage of House Bill 598 from the House floor during today’s session. This legislation makes several changes to laws governing tax-delinquent property that is forfeited or otherwise conveyed to a political subdivision, school district, or land bank. Rep. Green jointly-sponsored the bill with State Representative Thomas West (D-Canton).

House Bill 598 updates current law to give county auditors more discretion over how and where forfeited land sales are conducted. The bill requires the county auditor to offer the forfeited property for sale at least one time every six years. The county auditor would have the authority and flexibility to conduct the sales more frequently if the auditor determines that a sale is necessary.

This bill will allow for the reduction or elimination of the costs for mandated property sales and will also allow sales to occur when market conditions are more favorable.

“I am excited by the passage of this legislation, which modernizes the sale of forfeited lands,” said Green. “By allowing county auditors to more strategically auction off the properties, this bill will allow them to cut off this cycle of value depression and would enhance the opportunity to plan around a blighted area, instead of having to watch this cycle of neglect repeat itself time and time again.”

House Bill 598 now awaits consideration by the Ohio Senate.

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