Today, State Representative Doug Green (R-Mt. Orab), Chairman of the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee, announced the committee will conduct a seven-month long study on autonomous and connected vehicles.

Each hearing, which will occur monthly over the next seven months and will focus on a different facet of the subject. The first hearing of this study is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4, at 10:00 a.m. in Statehouse Room 017.

The subject of this hearing is Autonomous and Connected Vehicles 101,” where the Auto Alliance and Global Automakers, two of the industry’s largest trade organizations will brief the committee on the fundamentals and basics of this emerging technology.

“This seven-month study is intended to be solely fact-findingin nature,” said Chairman Green. “The General Assembly needs to be informed so that it can first understand how to be a partner of the industry and not stifle innovation. Second, we need to understand how to balance that partnership with the need to protect consumers, and third, we must have constructive dialogue about the nature of self-driving cars and their expected rollout with the people of Ohio. Finally, autonomous and connected vehicle technology is the opening salvo of the next space race, involving the emerging technologies of the 21st century. We must ensure that America, and Ohio in particular, maintains its leadership in advanced technologies, much like our predecessors did in the 1960’s.”

The goal of these hearings is to bring together industry leaders, policy think tanks, and other stakeholders to educate members of the committee and the public on the evolving field of autonomous/connected vehicle technology. The study will focus on potential benefits and challenges, how the industry may impact Ohio’s economy, manufacturing, public safety, insurance, and infrastructure; as well as a review of current research, testing, federal regulations, and industry activity in Ohio. Additional topics planned for discussion include federal regulations. 

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