House Study Committee Brings Wide Range Of Opinions To The Table
By Rep. Doug Green (R-Mt. Orab)
September 18, 2013
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For a little more than a month, the Ohio House of Representatives has been conducting hearings throughout the state to hear from residents about some of the issues that most affect their lives. These study committees have addressed subjects like tax reform, higher education, and prescription drug addiction and other healthcare issues.

I was asked by Speaker Bill Batchelder to serve as the vice chairman of the Tax Reform Legislative Study Committee, which as its name implies has dealt with Ohio’s tax structure and how best to manage the state’s revenues and expenditures. As many of you know, the state budget passed and signed earlier this year included several changes to the tax system here in Ohio. It featured a net $2.7 billion tax reduction for individuals and businesses over three years.

Debates over tax policy can produce an incredibly wide range of opinion, so it is beneficial to create a setting where different ideas have an opportunity to be heard. Not only did the committee consist of bipartisan representation, but the experience and geography of each member were also unique. The range of opinion was also prevalent in the testimony that was presented, which is helpful for putting issues in perspective.

As a first-year legislator, it was an honor for me to be selected to serve on the tax reform committee. I always look forward to hear from constituents about their needs and ideas. The primary goal for me since joining the legislature has been looking for ways to strengthen the economy and allow more people to take control of their lives through finding and keeping jobs.

The committee has not yet introduced legislation based on our findings, but the several hours of testimony might lead to legislation being introduced later this fall. At the very least, I know that the information and knowledge shared at the committee hearings will be a major part of any discussions we have the remainder of the year.

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